We believe that trust, teamwork, communication and respect are the keys to effective working relationships with our clients.

Our focus is on being accurate, consistent and dependable in the fast moving Construction Industry.
Our experienced Construction Surveyors use the latest Leica Total Stations and provide on –site CAD drafting which saves time and associated costs.

Other Services:

Computer Aided Drafting Construction Surveys

Engineering Surveys

Architectural/Structural Steelwork. Setting Out, Plumb, Line & Level Surveys

Holding Down Bolt As-Built and Packing Level Survey


Detailed Measurement Surveys

Topographical Surveys

Volume Surveys

Movement Monitoring Surveys

Riser/Stair Core Surveys

As-Built Surveys

Concrete Surveys

Pile Setting Out

Façade Retention Surveys

Bridge Surveys

Grid Line Setting Out

Fin Plate and Stub Setting Out

Survey Control Establishment

G.P.S. Surveys

Laser Scanning

Rail Surveys

Road Surveys


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